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18. října 2013 v 4:51

In spite of the advent of playoffs in New Jersey high school football, Thanksgivng Day Rivalries still manage to exist. Indeed, they usher in memories of many games and players of days gone by.

For my family, I grew up hearing of the great Barringer-East Orange Turkey Day Classic, as well as one of America longest running--Phillipsburg (NJ)-Easton (PA). It has been since only 1984 that our high schools in Belleville and Nutley have been clashing on the holiday, but their first encounter actually dates back to the the season winds down up here in sac longchamp usine the Garden State, our annual Belleville-Nutley Gridiron Classic Reunion Dinner celebrations on Thanksgiving Eve bring back our local heroes from all over the country. (You can go back to last November sac longchamp quadrille gris blog entry to meet our Captain of our #2 Ranked Bellboys, Joe Latore.) At one of those special nights a couple of years ago, we honored a special player.

This year, my old friend Chickie Puleo reminded me of a biography I wrote for that night to honor Belleville greatest Football star, Richie Luzzi. It all came together when the Belleville Board of Education retired Richie number. It a great story.

Because of a busy schedule this year, go to our next entry on December 2 to LEARN ABOUT THE LEGEND OF BELLEVILLE FOOTBALL: #22 RICHIE LUZZI. See you there.

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