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One of the most widely loved fashion accessories for men all around the world is the wrist watch, and this is a million dollar industry that has constantly been a part of the fashion world for many decades now. When the wrist watch was first invented in the early 20th century it was merely a simplistic design that helped people keep track of time. But as the years passed by, fashionably conscious individuals became more engrossed in the various styles and facets of this simple device.

Today there is an unbelievably wide choice available for men who are looking to buy a good wrist watch, and there are tons of luxurious brands that manufacture some marvelous looking watches and telling the time is just the basic task of these accessories. Progress in technology has also seen a whole host of great features added to these devices.

Best Brands of Digital Watches

When it comes down to making a choice between a digital watch and an analog watch, there are several other factors that also come into play. Ultimately it is a matter of personal choice as some people prefer a digital display that shows the time in numerical digits. On the other hand some people prefer an analog watch that allows the user to tell the time by looking at the face of a clock. Digital watches have conventionally been better suited for people who like to be in the outdoors a lot, as they are built to withstand great amounts of sunlight, water and even large amounts of pressure and shock. Some of the top brands are replica panerai as follows.
Black Dice
Ed Hardy
Tokyo Flash These are simply some of the popular brands that you should be on the lookout for if you feel that digital watches are your preference. There are plenty of other great brands that are worth exploring as well.

Digital Watches for Men 2011

Casio Men's G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch
This is a solar powered digital watch that has a ton of great features to offer you. It offers a distinctive masculine look, and needless to say it is best suited for someone who likes to be in the outdoors a lot. It is water-resistant till 660 feet and it also receives and processes time calibration radio signals. This means that it almost always shows the most accurate time reading at any given moment. You also get other great features like a calendar, an alarm, a battery indicator, a stopwatch and world time for up to 30 different cities. It costs around $100 and it is also known as the Casio GW500A-1V. The Casio Men's DW5600E-1V is also a worthy candidate to look at.

Suunto X10
This is another multi-feature digital watch that will have you drooling with excitement. It is certainly not cheap at $550, but the kind of features that you get are simply amazing. It has a barometer, an altimeter, a compass, a chronograph and most amazingly, a GPS navigation system as well. This is one of the best watches for the purpose of adventure and rugged outdoor activities. The various features can take some time to be figured out but the massive user manual is a definite help. As far as the looks are concerned, you will be hard pressed to find a better looking digital watch for men anywhere. It looks like something straight out a James Bond movie, and this is a wrist watch that most gadget lovers would love to own.

Timex Men's Digital Chronograph Watch
If you are not looking to spend too much money on an expensive digital watch, then this model is just what the doctor ordered, coming in at a reasonable $40. You will get a handy digital interface that will show you a ton of details, and its water resistance up to 100 meters makes it a satisfactory sports and adventure watch as well. There are tons of different models available in this series as well, and panerai replica Watches Online it all depends on what kind of features you need, and what your budget is like.

Garmin Forerunner 405
Here is another great GPS powered digital watch for men that you will find extremely useful for many different purposes. It is perfect for people who carry out a lot of training and exercise drills, since recording information and relaying it wirelessly to a computer is very simple with this device. You also get the added advantage of sleek looks and all the features that you would find in any basic sports watch as well. Another added benefit of this particular watch is that it can monitor your heart rate as well. The price of this watch is a reasonable $249.

Origo Ranger Peak Series Digital Compass Watch
This digital watch will cost you around $200 and it is completely worth the investment. The range of colors that this watch is available in will appeal to you aesthetically, and its most salient feature is the accurate one-touch direct access digital compass that comes embedded within it. It is water-resistant up to 50 feet, and has a ton of other features like a chronograph, a stopwatch, a calendar and world time support. The Granite Peak series of the Origo brand also has some worthwhile models in the same price range.

These were some of the big face digital watches for men that you will find very attractive. There are hundreds of thousands more such models that you can look at as well, and there is a suitable choice for every price range possible. Just remember that when you are buying a digital watch you must decide beforehand whether you are buying the watch for the looks or for the features.

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